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Genins: A Precursor

Genins India Insurance TPA Ltd. Third Party Administrators in Health Insurance, originally founded in 1996 as an insurance intermediary promoted by insurance professionals and doctors. It is one of the pioneers in the field since 2000 as we started TPA operations much before the norms were promulgated by the IRDA.

Genins is promoted by insurance professionals and doctors. Right since inception Genins is not connected with a corporate house, Hospital chain, and brokerage or Insurance marketing activity and also promotes these values.

Size Matters:

Presently, the company is on the panel of all the four PSUs and three private sector companies. We operate in 33 Regional Offices for the three PSUs and service their Divisional and Branch offices, in and around 251 cities. We have, as of today, spread across the country with 20 revenue-originating offices.


Genins provides best quality service in minimum possible time. Our average turnaround time of Authorization is 52 minutes. We make mediclaim cards (complete in all respect) within a week and process claim file (complete in all respect) within a week.

Because of our effective service we are not only providing satisfaction but also retaining and expanding the business volume. The region serviced by us is showing 30-80% growth in health insurance.

However without compromising modesty we can claim that it is really tops the list for complaint free performance.

This can stand the scrutiny of records of IRDA, Ombudsman or the HOs and ROs of any of the companies we are serving. We have only received compliments from some of the most demanding clients.