About Us

Genins India Insurance TPA Ltd. , Third Party Administrators in Health Insurance originally founded in 1996 as an insurance intermediary promoted by insurance professionals and doctors. It is one of the pioneers in the field since 2000 as we started TPA operations much before the norms were promulgated by the IRDA.

Presently, the company is on the panel of three PSUs and three private sector companies. We operate in 33 Regional Offices for the three PSUs and service their Divisional and Branch offices, in and around 251 cities. We have, as of today, spread across the country with 19 revenue-originating offices and 5 supporting offices.

Genins is one of the top 07 companies in terms of volume of business, having provider's network of more than 4000 hospitals in 427 cities.

Genins is a professionally managed company and not affiliated to any Industrial group, Hospital network or Insurance brokerage company. We have 100% Indian shareholding permitting fast response to changing environment.

The decentralized process of handling customer related queries, issuance of photo ID cards, processing of claims and handling of Cashless authorizations at branch level, adds to the speed and customer satisfaction.